Saturday, September 21, 2013

Facebook Faith # 27 - Why Not Call It A Rock?

I have been out of religion for a year or two. It is hard to pinpoint a specific time, since it all runs along a continuum. Many believers would say I left the fold many years ago when I rejected a belief in Hell. Others might tag my walk-away decades previous when I quit believing in an inerrant scripture... and some still consider me in the faith.  :)

One of the things you notice when you leave faith is how much similarity there is between the varied religious voices. Although I considered my religious flavor unique when I was embedded; looking at it in the rear-view mirror reveals it to be merely one shade of color in the cacophony.

So when I saw this posted on Facebook this morning by a member of my old tribe, I had to chuckle. One of the rallying points of my previous religion was that we weren't religious! No, no, no.... we had a relationship! Such a statement seems silly now that I am out, but it made great sense at the time.

As I look at this chart now, I see the same foundation to both lists.  The difference rests merely in how it is spun, but at the end you find yourself in essentially the same location.

It reminds me of an exchange in the Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy. Ford Prefect has crash landed on prehistoric Earth with a bunch of Management Middlemen who insist on acting as if the marooned reality of their situation can be changed simply by addressing it differently.

Look! C’mon please! I mean everybody! there is some important news: we’ve made a discovery. 
Is it on the agenda? 
Oh don’t give me that! 
Well I’m sorry, but speaking as a fully trained management consultant I must insist on the importance of observing the committee structure. 
On a prehistoric planet!? 
Address the chair. 
There isn't a chair! There’s only a rock! 
Well, call it a chair. 
Why not call it a rock? 


Anonymous said...

I love it when people tell me I am still a Christian. :) if I still am, it is a great deal. Eternal life, no church, and football on Sundays. :)

irreverance said...

Bingo! Some time back I was talking with a stereotypical, right-wing, vocal, evangelical pastor who worked with a very controlling political faction of the denomination. He described himself as "spiritual, but not religious." I couldn't figure out how to respond to that.

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