Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Turning 50

Blogs and social media were not around for me to write anything for Turning 30 but I just re-read Turning 40 from ten years ago... and boy oh boy do I like my life a lot better now!

The 40s were a time of big changes and new experiences.

I could have never guessed that my 40s would put me on stage.  But suddenly, there's the overture, the curtain, the lights, and I am singing.  All in all, I did 17 shows in my 40s. This still amazes me when I think about it.

My 40s saw me switch schools again.  I would have never predicted I would teach in the lower grades... but 2nd was what was available at the school I wanted to be at, so I gave it a shot.  I had originally intended to only do a year or two at that grade.  I was confident something in the higher grades would open up.  I am in year 7 of 2nd grade and everything is just fine.

Ten years ago, I was a parent of young kids... now empty nesting is around the corner for my wife and me.  I could not be prouder of my daughter and son.

My 40-year-old self didn't realize it yet, but time was ticking on my faith.  Over the next few years, the puzzle pieces were going to form a picture that would bring my belief to a close.  Those years were tumultuous but so worth the struggle.

My 40s were a time of new and excellent friendships.  I recently went on a week-long cruise with a bunch of them down to Mexico to celebrate my 50th.  After looking over the pics of our adventure my wife said, "Andy, you're a rich man!"

It's true, rich is how I feel going into my 50s.  My life is pretty darn near perfect and I am grateful for it.

Looking at my life with the sun cresting in the western sky, I have decided to add care of my physical self to the list of really good things happening in my life.  I want my sunset years to be all they can be, so I have dropped about 4 inches off the waistline since last spring, I have tripled how much I can lift, and I can jog a good pace for 30 minutes without a break.  Treats have been turned in to a rare and reasonable occasion and eating is generally healthier.  I still have a ways to go, but this has been a good start and for the first time it feels like a life change.

My 40s were truly wonderful!  I turn 50 with a smile on my face and a happy outlook to the future.

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