Wednesday, August 02, 2006

That's my girl!

I was talking with my friend Brook the other day as I was driving down from the mountains. Amongst our usual discussions of theology and books, we talked about this blog. It seems I never use it for commentary on what I have been up to of late, but rather to editorialize.

So, I am going to comment on something my 8 year old daughter said yesterday that made me very proud as her daddy and mentor.

My wife was reading to her from "The Light and the Glory" for children. It is a Christianized novel telling the story of American history. I noticed as my wife was reading aloud that the authors took broad liberties with God's opinions, feelings, and intents regarding the historical characters. I was trying not to add a negative comment because, tho they were anthropomorphisizing God a lot, the history was worthwhile.

Then Kathryn piped up, "Wait a minute Mom! How do they know what God was thinking? How do they know what God wanted? They can't say that!"

Ahhhhhhhh! That's daddy's girl!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am very concerned about my ability to educate my children about Jesus without indoctrinating them. How do I give Kathryn and Jacob the tools to search out their faith and not simply fall into accepting the faith they were born into?

Kathryn's comment and questioning gave me hope that she will not just nod, but will wrestle. Not just accept, but question. Not just think within accepted parameters, but look over the wall to see who else is playing in the yard.
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