Sunday, October 11, 2020

Disturbing Answers

A pastor friend of mine posted on FB, "If you could ask God a question, what would it be?"

I was not surprised to find some of the answers disturbing.  

"My question would be... Why does God allow all these awful viruses and diseases??? But the answer would probably be... To bring us closer to him ❤️"

Imagine perceiving the divine in this way.  You see God as someone who hurts you... so you will need him more.  Stephen King wrote a whole book on that view called "Misery".  I want to tell this person that no one who is good would think that hurting you is helpful in building a relationship.

"Why are you so kind, patient and gracious towards me?"

Lots of believers are trained to think of themselves as worthless.  They are taught that it really demonstrates God's love that he can even tolerate someone as awful as you.  I know people who seem to think it builds God up by putting themselves down.  I want to tell this person that they are deserving of being treated kindly... and that should not be surprising.

"Is the time close?"

Folks like this struggle to value our beautiful world because they are always pining for the next.  I want to tell this person to be present with the people in their life and the world they are in.  Don't sabotage today's happiness.

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