Tuesday, July 13, 2004

On our Way

Well, we are only one week away from moving out to Utah. Regardless of how much crap we pack, there seems to be more of it. Mary Lee is out with her Mops group, and I have just gotten the kids to go to sleep. I seem to take multiple month breaks between writings. I think that is due mostly to the fact that I always have something on my mind that I would like to write about, but it would be long, so therefore I never get started on it. For example, tonight the issue of LDS folks is on my mind. I seem to be wayyyyy left of most evangelicals on this topic, and am probably still pretty left of the rank and file in my church... and they are a pretty open bunch.
I am not going to sit here and type out my developing views on LDS. Too much to say. I will say this, I am determined to learn about their faith from them .... not from people who oppose them. I will also add, just so you can get a sense of my direction, that I do not think their beliefs in what happened before we were born, or what happens after we die, in any way effects their or anyone else's salvation. My Theology is (and here I borrow a metaphor from Terry Taylor) Koko the Gorilla describing a California earthquake with his 300 word sign language vocabulary - "Damn Floor, Big Bite". Paul said we see through a darkened glass and we know in part. Therefore, I am not going to be so presumpteous to disqualify them (or anybody) for having theology that doesn't wash with me. My caveman-pounding on rocks to describe the Almighty probably sound to his ears an awful lot like their poundings.
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