Thursday, February 15, 2024

Historical Jesus?

Someone asked me if I believed in a historical Jesus-

"I think there probably was a Jesus... but everything we know of him is 2nd hand, generations later, motivated retells. So, I take the stories for what they are and what they say... and don't worry too much when Jesus contradicts himself or the Pauline epistles head in different directions.

In the end, those who scream most loudly about the Bible being the "Word of God" usually have a very thin knowledge of how it came about or what it contains. In my sect, Evangelicals, we would regurgitate the same 500 verses annually, while pretty much ignoring the other 30,000.

Ultimately, I think most folks find the Jesus they want in the Bible. I have friends of all different economic, social, and political persuasions... and funny enough, all of them quote Jesus and claim to be followers. Jesus has many faces."

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Ed said...

One of the things about being Catholic, they go through cycles with their readings so that you get a bit more coverage. For one complete cycle, you get about 60% of the New Testament but only 13% of the Old Testament. If the Gospels are your thing, they are somewhere around 90%.

I agree with your assessment though. The books were written well after the fact, most not even 2nd hand knowledge and mostly with an agenda. I don't take every word literally, but I do think there is a lot to be learned just the same.

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