Tuesday, December 21, 2021

That's How Love Works

Recently, someone threatened me with Hell again. This person had various reasons why God was justified in sending me there, but their chief reason was that I "reject" God.

This is my cat. She rejects me every #$%^&*# day (but she loves my wife). Do you know what my response has NEVER been?

"Let's torture the little shit for eternity!"

In fact, regardless of her response to me, I love Lu. I will always care for her and always protect her.

That's how LOVE works.


Davey Bacaron Manulife said...

Lovely kitty! Love it.

Bob said...

Although I might endorse the torture of a shitty cat for eternity, you make your point well. Happy New Year, Andrew, to you and your family!

Andrew said...

Thanks Bob! To you and yours as well!

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