Friday, September 23, 2016

More Podcasting With Beyond The Pale

This past July we three Hackman boys headed back to Shelby Township, Michigan to bid a final farewell to the Hackman Homestead.  My parents, after 40 years on Woodbridge Drive, are doing what most retirees in Michigan do... move to Florida.

While there, my Hong Kong based brother and sister-in-law brought out their podcasting equipment and we sat down with some adult beverages to record an episode.  This was the second time they have had me on their show, Beyond The Pale.  Like last time, our conversation was long enough to justify it being split into a few episodes.

As always, we had a great conversation.  However, this time had the added benefit of my wife chiming in about half way through.  Mary Lee and I have similar, and very different, tales to tell about our journeys out of the evangelical faith we were brought up in. I am glad we were able to include some of her story in our conversation.

You can listen online here:

Episode 021: Time For Christians To Grow Up with Andrew Hackman

Bonus: Race In America

Episode 022: "So I Married A Heretic" with Marylee & Andrew Hackm...

and our previous conversation last winter...

Episode 004: My Brother's Journey to Atheism (Pt 1)

Episode 005: My Brother's Journey To Atheism (Pt2)

If you are an Apple user, you can find Beyond the Pale at ITunes.

You can also keep up with Beyond the Pale on Facebook


Michelle said...

I really enjoyed listening to these today, including going back to the two older episodes which I'd listened to when you first posted them. I was pleased to see that Beyond the Pale is available on Stitcher, since that's where I listen to most of my podcasts. I'm definitely going to pop in and listen to some episodes here and there. Very good discussions, indeed!

Andrew said...

Thanks Michelle, glad you enjoyed them. I love the podcasting format, so much better than traditional interviews. As you referenced - discussions - give time to really delved into things. I used to listen to a lot of talk shows on radio when driving to work, but in the past year it has become podcasts. I love listening to a good conversation.

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