Monday, December 30, 2013

Facebook Faith # 36 Grinch Obama

"Guess what Obama didn’t do for Christmas? Go to church. That’s right, Obama did a lot of things on the 24th and 25th, including playing golf on Christmas Eve, but he did not have time for church."

The text above accompanied this meme on my newsfeed today.  I literally sat and stared in wonder at this one for a few minutes.  I have seen a lot of bizarre religious things proclaimed this year, but this one slips in - with just 24 hours to go - as perhaps being the most idiotic statement of 2013 in the religion mixed with politics category.... and given Michelle Bachman, Ted Cruz, and  Louie Gohmert.... that is saying a lot.

In fact, it was so absurd, I thought that even the usual suspects of Pavlov conservatives would reject this. Unfortunately, when I went to the source page on Facebook - ForAmerica - I found that in 10 hours, nearly 60,000 people had liked this so far.  Combine religion with Obama-hate and the salivating will commence.

Beyond that.... the comments... oh, the comments!
  • Muslims don't go to church
  • Don't think Jesus is especially pleased, (we're not supposed to be anything but Christian..)
  • Narcissist, sinners with messiah-complex don't feel a need for God. He'll try to lie his way out at his appointment before the judgment seat! He'll of course forget that God sees all, knows all, and has it all recorded. Poor soul.
  • Prolly brought either his prayer rug, or a hammer and cicle golfing...
  • he hates America and is an illegal muslim how is that news?
  • if the dems get the house because idiots re-elect or the left fixes the votes again, this country is done for
  • Don't get upset with him because Christmas is not a Muslim holiday.
  • At least he's no longer pretending to be a Christian.
  • he is a very mean person & only has one thing in mind.....To ruin our wonderful country

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