Saturday, February 04, 2012

Let's Not Quibble

I'll make this quick.  I don't like the way both Democrats and Republicans are going after Mitt over his "concern for the poor" gaffe.  He has said similar statements before, but not in a way that was convenient to simply focus on and make use of the one phrase.  We know what he meant, we don't need to play these games.

The problem with this approach to sound bites is that it allows lazy thinkers a way out of future issues.  They do not need to consider the use of their own "team's" words against them, because they can simply shrug and say "it's out of context".  Pretty soon, folks hear nothing but the pretty hum of their own rhetoric- never again needing to be bothered with serious self analysis and reflection.

There are plenty of clear differences to be wrestled with... muddying the waters with these elementary playground antics should be beneath all of us.

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