Friday, October 29, 2010

What is Truth?

The following story is not TRUE. It never happened. The author is rumored to be a backslidden, atheist wanna-be who hates puppies. There is no point in reading this untrue tale.

Jesus looked over the crowd and concluded his story by saying “The Father’s love for both of his children was beyond their imagination, but their need to be privileged kept them from seeing it.” He paused to allow his words to penetrate the multitudes.

A man toward the front was raising his hand. “You in the sheepskin,” Jesus called out, “Do you have a question?”

The man stood and brushed the dust from his cloak. “Yes, I am wondering if that story is true.”

Is it true?” Jesus responded quizzically.

Yeah,” the man continued, “Did it really happen?”

Well,” Jesus countered, “that really wasn’t the point I…

Jesus was cut off by two men who leaped to their feet angrily, “Of course it is true!!” the bigger of the two shouted, “Do you think Jesus would LIE to us!? What kind of follower are you!?

Jesus tried to step in, “Folks, you are missing the point! I want you to understand that …

Again, Jesus was interrupted, this time by a woman shouting from the side of the crowd, “I want some clarification! You keep talking about the rich landowner, but that area has barren since the time of our forefathers. Are you making this story up?!!!

Jesus tried to get a word in, but the crowd was out of control now. Arguments flew back and forth between those who thought everything Jesus said could be proven as true, and those who abandoned his words as worthless. Jesus and his disciples watched as the crowd began to angrily separate themselves according to the opposing views.

As the volume increased, Peter approached Jesus. “Don’t get discouraged Master. I thought it was a great story!

Yeah,” John added, “It had never occurred to me to envision God as a Father.”

Jesus nodded and smiled at his disciples. Then he looked out over crowd, which was nearly coming to blows.

Well boys,” Jesus said, “We might as well head back to Jerusalem. Something tells me that argument is going to go on for a while.”


Stephen Hollingshead said...

Was just reading St. Augustine's De Utilitate Credendi today, and he discusses this problem right near the beginning. Your parable is interesting.

Jon said...

Hee hee. Love it.

Logan said...

You'll like this one too:

Andrew said...

Stephen - Ah, now I have another reason to get into Augustine (firing up the Kindle app).

Thanks Jon and Kay!

Logan - Heh! A very good one. (A little side story on hell too... The point is to get the point).

I like seeing parables set in different contexts. I wrote on this a few years ago, but I think we have lost the offensiveness in the Samaritan story; putting a homosexual in place of the Samaritan in that story gives an idea of how offensive Jesus story would have been to the religiously orthodox.

Jon said...

In my youth we did a skit called "the good punk rocker" with the same idea in mind.

C Allen Ries said...

I always suspected you hated puppies!!

Bob said...

Hey Andrew -- could not find an e-mail address for you so thought I would let you know this way that I ordered a couple of books from Amazon from your wish list for your classroom. As I understand it they'll be shipped directly to you. Hope they are enjoyed.

Andrew said...

Thanks a bunch Bob. People have been so generous, and it cannot be overstated how much use these books get! :)

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