Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chuck Colson Vacillates on Rule of Law

This is a very interesting video. Chuck Colson is one of those loud, legal, by-the-book constitutionalists. He references the Founding Fathers of America as if they were wearing his team's jersey. So it is fascinating to watch him switch tactics mid-stream when something is not going to his liking. In this video, he encourages Christians to make a loud cry in the public square so that the Supreme Court will not go against his view of gay marriage when this issue finally makes it to the high court.

Suddenly legal justice applied equally under the law is secondary to whatever rights and privileges the perceived majority wishes to grant or take away from a minority population. The reality is, he knows there is no more legal standing to prevent gays from marriage than there was to prevent inter-racial marriage; so he is going step up to the bully pulpit and see if we can't get this done the old fashioned way - INTIMIDATION!

Chuck, your bigotry is the remnant of a bygone era. The voice of your kind in the public square is weakening... and will soon fade away. Future generations will lump your rants in with the same folks who sought to withhold the vote from women or wanted blacks at the back of the bus.

No one will mourn the passing of your worldview.



Steve H. said...

Yea for Sodomy!!! tell em' bro! Don't let that anti-sodomy crowd speak unanswered.

Chuck Colson is hateful...absolutely hateful!

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time I used to like Colson, in fact I still have a book of his.

Times have changed, I support gay rights and the right for them to marry. Any other stand, to me, seems bigoted and unreasonable. I am, over the years, losing respect for this man.

Eruesso said...

Cultural Armageddon?

I wonder if there is a market in making "gay-proof" bomb shelters for those seeking to escape this cultural Armageddon? I mean Atheist have created Eternal Earthbound Pets to watch over the pets of the believers after the rapture so why not "gay-proof" bomb shelters? Now that I think of it, how could you make anything "gay proof"? I need to contact a local minister for some holy water or a crucifix or something.

Great post!

Don said...

"cultural armageddon"? Really? I, like Jason, used to like this guy. But, that was in another aeon. Give it up Chuck, you have lost your hold on me.

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