Saturday, May 01, 2010

I Excuse Myself From The National Day of Prayer

I am a Christian, but I often feel that title is fairly meaningless.  What seems to get most Christians stirred up either means nothing, or is offensive to me.

Take The National Day of Prayer.  I could not disagree more highly with my fellow Christians on this issue.  To me, the government not establishing or preventing the free exercise of religion could not be in more stark contrast to the concept of a National Day of Prayer.  If  the government does not establish or prevent, then it is passive. It is non-involved.  As much as it can, it seeks to stay out.  The only active part government should be playing in religion is its avoidance.

In the end, I think National Prayer Day is all about control.  It is about the Christian community asserting itself as the alpha-male.  In the wild, you will see animals engage in certain behaviors or acts of violence to solidify their role of dominance within the group.  The goal is to get the others to submit.

However, this in not the way of Christ.  The example set for us is not to be served, but to serve.

In my 26 years as a Christian, I have never had my free exercise of religion abridged.  I can pray pretty much anytime and in any way.  In that, the government has done exactly what it is supposed to do - nothing.

So, my Christian brother and sisters, I implore you:  lay down your need to control, let go of your perceived rights, be a gracious neighbor - take a pass on the National Day of Prayer.


Eruesso said...

Unfortunately, to quote one of my favorite authors Frank Herbert, "fear is the mind-killer". The Christians feeling the need to be in control fears being controlled and even, gasp!, influenced by any force which may taint their pure Christian values.

Andrew said...

Absolutely! Christians simply have NO tolerance for groups or other religions who behave in the ways Christians do.... yet they never seem to be able make that connection. Ask a Christian who is promoting prayer in public schools if one prayer a week may go to Allah, one to Vishnu, one to our sacred ancestors, and watch the sparks fly. :)

Don said...

I agree my friend. 10 years ago I would have viewed the NDP as harmless, merely an expression of our heritage. NOW, I have a different attitude. One that many of my Christian friends "claim" to have, but demonstrate otherwise.

Justin said...

Well said! I could not have said it any better than this!

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