Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hide A Bluetooth Speaker

Since getting a Galaxy Nexus smartphone last fall, I have become somewhat Bluetooth obsessed.  I bought an adapter for my car that plays audio from my phone to my radio. I have a great pair of Bluetooth headphones that I use when walking. I got an adapter so any Bluetooth object can play through my main stereo or out to my backyard speakers. Well, I found another use today.

When I cook or clean in the kitchen, I like to listen to something - books, music, lectures, movies... whatever. I have had varied solutions to this over the years, but I am always looking for a more efficient system. Like the designers of the old Palm Pilot OS, I strive to accomplish a task in as few steps as possible.

My original solution was to keep a pair of old computer speakers housed within a drawer in the kitchen to take out when needed. I also tried USB powered speakers that would hook directly to a laptop. A few months ago, I found a USB charged, golf ball sized, speaker which worked nicely. All of these had drawbacks - too cumbersome, limited to laptops, lost in the land of missing dryer socks. Even my new Bluetooth headset required the burdensome task of finding it.

Now I believe I have come upon the final solution.  Amazon had the Bluetooth speaker pictured above on sale for 15 bucks.  It is a little smaller than a baseball, and I placed it behind some decorative vines above the cabinet. This speaker is unmoving, out of sight, constantly powered, and can be tapped by pretty much every audio device I own. The sound level is plenty loud for the kitchen, if a bit thin (hey, it was 15 bucks).

Wondering what Bluetooth solution I haven't thought of yet.....

There it sits


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