Monday, July 08, 2013

Facebook Faith # 22 - Invisible, Undetectable, and Not There

"Ya got me... I am just making this $#!^ up!"
In our world, where hundreds of things distract us from God, we have to intentionally and consistently remind ourselves of Him.
~ Francis Chan

A friend posted this quote by Christian author and pastor, Francis Chan. Francis is right... and I would add constantly to his list. Francis travels in evangelical circles, and if there is one thing evangelicals do... it is to endlessly remind each other how present their invisible god is.

This mantra lifestyle makes sense. If you don't fill the gap of silence, emptiness, and the general non-interaction of this deity, the believer might start to notice that there is no fundamental difference between the behavior of THEIR god, and the behavior of all the OTHER gods of this world whom they are convinced do not exist.

To me, they all look exactly the same...


Michelle said...

Just reading the opening quotation gave me a nice LOL. :) Well spotted, Andrew.

Charline said...
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