Friday, July 26, 2013

Michigan Trip 2013

This summer we made the trek back to Michigan, the land of my birth.

We started our journey with a series of delays at the SLC airport... which caused us to hang around there for about 5 hours.  My friend Kory was kind enough to work his afternoon around our ever-changing flight schedule.

Because our flight was delayed in SLC, we missed our Midway connection.  We spent the night sleeping in airport chairs.  It was freezing.  I am never cold, and it was freezing.  Jake was fortunate enough to have his robe.

Our first night we had dinner at my in-laws.  My brother in law, Lee, is one of the world's great story tellers.

Wine in the grocery store is a luxury we do not have in Utah.

My brother and his sons came up from Kentucky.  The cousins enjoy a game of spoons.

My mom loves to play baseball with her grandchildren.

My brother Matt won big at Chuck E Cheese.

Walking on the path that used to be railroad tracks behind my folk's house.

Matt and I Skyping with our brother Steve in Hong Kong.

We met up with Mary Lee's cousins.

Both sides of the family at Henry Ford Museum.

My Dad and my son.

My Mom-in-law's birthday (my daughter made the cake... which is actually watermelon inside)


Sorry gals... the guys are winning....

Two of my best friends... who really need to make a Utah run...

Our friends from the ol' neighborhood in Macomb.  Such wonderful people!

Wrestling with Dyson!

We stopped at the Badlands on the drive home.

and Mary Lee wanted her picture with this dinosaur....

A last stop at Mt. Rushmore before heading home....
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