Sunday, July 28, 2013

Facebook Faith # 24 Millennial Article Part 2

I wrote a post yesterday about the article by Rachel Held Evans that is making the rounds on Facebook and the blogosphere. In it she suggests that a lot of the millennial generation are leaving church due to the way the church presents itself. Some people are sharing the article because they think she raises some valid points, others to demonstrate an example of the heresy infesting the church.

I saw one such example after one of my friends posted her article. "Lenny" commented:
So she basically wants Christians to stop being Christians... she needs to leave the Church and be happy in doing so.
I don't always agree with Rachel, but I like her.... and I can't stand small minded remarks that are no better than static. I replied:
No Lenny, she just has a different spin on what Christianity entails. I do not find it all that different, it seems to be the same item in more pleasant packaging. However, I always find comments like yours interesting, as you want to eject your own simply because of a difference in window dressing... no wonder there are over 30,000 different versions of Christianity... you all can't stand each other, and yet you talk as if love was a market you have a corner on.
I always give a level of credit to good souls like Rachel who somehow remain hopeful in a faith that often seems dominated with Lennys. The Lenny attitude reminds me of a Peanuts cartoon I once saw (I looked but could not find it). In it, Lucy and her girlfriends are creating an invitation list for a birthday party. They start out listing who they are NOT going to invite and realize they are having more fun with that list. One of the girls comments:
 It's a lot more fun not inviting people than it is inviting them!
Rachel needs to add that attitude as another reason why many Millennials are leaving or eschewing Christianity.


Don said...

Fully agree, Rachel IS a good soul. I enjoy her perspective.

Dead Poet said...

That Peanuts comic may actually be from It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. I have a book that is an adapted (and abridged) version of the show, and in it Lucy tells Charlie Brown that if he got an invitation to Violets' Halloween party, it was a mistake, because there were two lists: one of people to invite and the other of people not to invite and he must have been put on the wrong list. So maybe it's from that show? I could be wrong though. I've never actually seen it.

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