Monday, January 28, 2013

Product Review: GOgroove FlexSMART X2

I started teaching at a new school this year.  It is a little longer commute, and its location is not really bus/train friendly.  I got a Google Nexus a few months back, so I found a good audiobook app and started to listen to books on my drive to and from work.

However, my setup wasn't ideal.  My car is old enough that it has a cassette deck, which I used via a wired adapter to my phone.  Cassette adapter, car plug for power, so-so sound.... and a royal pain if I had to take a call.

I don't know what triggered the thought that there might be a better Bluetooth solution available, but I started hunting around Amazon.  After looking at a dozen or so different options, I settled on the GOgroove FlexSMART X2.

What I love about it:
  • Easily paired to my Galaxy Nexus
  • Solid transmission to my FM Radio
  • Interfaces well with my phone: easy to accept calls, easy to place calls and works with my voice dial, calls come through the stereo cleanly.
  • Interfaces well with my media programs. 
  • USB outlet to charge my phone.
  • Flex arm extends away from car lighter for easy accessibility.
  • Off switch (useful since my car lighter will continue to power even when the car is off)
The only negative I have found, which is minor, is that the turn dial changes channels; it changes volume if pressed before turning.  It is curious to me that they would set volume as the secondary function of the dial.  I would think that most people would leave the station set and rarely have reason to change it.  No biggie to me, I just use the stereo volume anyway.

So now in the morning, I set my phone in the vent cradle, plug in the charger, and I am good to go.  Thanks to the android phone, I have books, music, podcasts, and out of state radio (it is great to listen to the Drew and Mike morning show in Detroit).

I highly recommend this little piece of tech.  It has made my commute a lot easier.


The Arkwelder said...

I have a "Jupiter Jack" that cost me 5 dollars. It works like shit, but did I mention that it cost me 5 dollars?

Anonymous said...

In rural areas, I agree: you'll rarely need to change stations once you find one that works well for you...
But In Los Angeles, I need to change stations fairly often, especially when traveling in excess of 10 miles.

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