Monday, January 21, 2013

Facebook Faith #7

I can't speak much to the politics of this poster I saw on Facebook ... but I can say in all confidence that every person who claims the bible as authoritative cherry picks it; creating their own personalized version.

Many, especially the most fundamental, will deny this.  They will claim the entire bible is wholly inspired, and wholly true ... and there really isn't much you can say to convince them otherwise.

Toward the end of my time in Christendom, I was keenly aware that I was cherry-picking scripture. I noticed that in my 'hell, fire, and brimstone' early days, I was drawn to certain scriptures - whereas, when my faith took on a more liberal bent, I was drawn to others.

I often stated in those liberal days, and I still believe, that the scriptures we are drawn to and that we quote say much more about us than they do about God.

Whatever take one wants to hold in life, you can find yourself a biblical justification.
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