Friday, August 03, 2012

Netflix: It's A Trap!!!

I took Jake to the library today.  I bought 5 books.  One was Rob Bell's Velvet Elvis... which I have been meaning to get around to....  But am I really going to read these books?  There is a rather large shelf in my basement that is full of books I have been meaning to get to.

Part of the problem is Netflix... it has so much TV goodness.  I just got done watching 7 years of Star Trek DS9, in about 10 weeks.

When you think about it... that is really problematic.

Summer is usually my cram time for reading... what have I read this summer?  Mmmm, I think I read part of a John Shelby Spong book... or was that before summer started??

See!!... not remembering clearly what book I read last... or when I read it... is really freaking me out!!

It's that damnable....  wonderful Netflix!

Did I stop at DS9?  NooOOOooooo.... I went right into Enterprise without missing a beat.

I actually fear that I could like Dr. Who or X-files.  What if I do?!  I would be glued to a screen til Christmas!!

Not sure what to do about this... part of me thinks I should make reading a daily routine... 30 minutes a day!  But now I am making it sound like exercise, or the guilt trip I used to put on myself to get up before dawn to pray.  I enjoy reading!  Why is it so distant from me now?!

Maybe it's just a phase I am going through...

Yeah, yeah... that's it.... a phase....  everything is going to be just fine....

... now what's next in my queue......


Eruesso said...

Me too! So many good books on the bookshelf I haven't even cracked open and I've been held hostage by Netflix. Netflix even had a brief outage (well at least for us) the other day and I considered finishing the Hunger Games but we just switched over to Hulu on the Wii.

atimetorend said...

Me three... Went through all the Dr. Who series with the kids, now going through Lost with my wife. I am finishing up a novel, so that's good, but it has also highlighted to me how little I have read over the past 6 months or so.

" Netflix even had a brief outage ...and I considered finishing the Hunger Games but we just switched over to Hulu on the Wii."


Anonymous said...

Oh dear God! Please get back to reading!!

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