Sunday, December 04, 2011

Another Earth : Movie Review

I just finished watching Another Earth. My interest was first drawn to it because it looked like an intriguing sci-fi film. As much as I enjoy sci-fi, I was glad to discover it was more than that.

The film focuses on Rhonda Williams, a smart high school senior accepted to MIT with hopes of a bright future. She has too much to drink while celebrating the end of high school with friends and drives home drunk. She crashes into a young family, killing the mother and child and leaving the father in a coma.

As a minor, she spends only 4 years in jail, but her true prison is her shattered life. Unable to cope with her guilt, she drifts through her days as little more than a phantom.

One day she goes to the site of the crash and sees a small memorial that has been tended to. She reads online of the man whose life she destroyed and decides she needs to seek him out to apologize. However, when he comes to the door at his home, she loses her nerve and declares herself a cleaning girl looking for work. His home and life are a shambles, and she begins to go to his home each week to clean and care for him.

I won't reveal anything more than that; if you are at all interested, this is a film worth seeing. You may notice that I mentioned none of the sci-fi involved in this story. It is because that element is merely the canvas upon which the story is being painted. This story is about life, and wounds, and regret.

Another Earth is a movie that runs slow and deep. Pour a glass of wine and be moved.


WES ELLIS said...

That sounds really interesting. Thanks for sharing! I'm gonna check it out.

Michelle said...

Did you like the musical saw scene in 'Another Earth'? You can hear (and download) music from it on the composer's website

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