Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Son Has Cabin Fever

Today, Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Cabin Fever came out.  I had pre-ordered Jake a copy, plus a half dozen more for my classroom, from Scholastic.  They are very good about getting books out on release day.

I knew Jake would be jazzed to read it, but I underestimated him a little.  When I pulled it out of my backpack, he hollered "Oh my Gosh!", flew across the room to snatch it from me, and tossed a "Thank you" over his shoulder as he grabbed his bowl of popcorn and headed for the couch.  He got himself comfortable, then paused and looked back at me.  "Now the reading begins....." he uttered, almost reverently.

Have I mentioned that I love that my son loves books?


Don said...

You are a fortunate father. My oldest grandson, 13, is an avid reader. The only 13yr.old I know with subscriptions to Popular Science & Popular Mechanics. When he gets them, he reads them from cover to cover.

Bob said...

Yes may it ever be so!

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