Monday, December 12, 2011

Preach It Brother Pearson!

This is a wonderful news story about Carlton Pearson.  He was a pastor of a church of thousands... until he came to the conclusion that the popular notion of Hell presented in Western Christianity simply could not be.  His heart was healed, but his life was shattered as Christianity rejected him.  His heart and mind had grown too large for their dogmas and formulas.  I got choked up at various points.

One pastor during the piece, who did not like Pearson's shift, asked the oft repeated question "If everyone is redeemed... why bother preaching?  Why tell anyone about Jesus?"

How small their religion has become....


Michelle said...

Wow. I love this guy. Great piece.

Andrew said...

Yeah, I am not a fan of his style of preaching... but when he talked about being "healed" by the members of that church in San Fran, I got choked up. He was as honest and as transparent as I have ever seen a preacher be.

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