Monday, December 05, 2011

Santa On Overtime

I went to my daughter's school this evening to see her perform in Polar Express. Her theater class is doing a scaled down 25 minute version where she got to sing, dance, and act. She was wonderful, as always.

A cute part of the evening had to do with the Santa character and how the children in the audience responded to him.  When Santa said to the stage children, "Who will receive the first gift of Christmas?" All of the children in the play were calling out "Me!". A few seats down from me was a two year old audience member who joined in "Me! Me! Me!". The little guy had great projection and secured a big laugh from the audience.

When the cast came out to do their bows, a 5 year old ran on to the stage to hug Santa. I give her credit; she saw her opportunity, and she took it!

Finally, when we went into the hall, an impromptu line of small children had formed around Santa. He was gracious and decided to go into Macy's mode. Within moments, he had children on his lap telling him what they wanted for Christmas - while parents took pictures with their phones.

I don't know who was playing Santa, but he made the same discovery as Tim Allen... when you wear the suit, you become the man.

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