Monday, April 07, 2008

TheTruth Project Revisited

About 25 % of my blog hits each month come from two articles I wrote about The Truth Project. It is, according to the producers at Focus on the Family, "a small group curriculum designed to communicate the Christian worldview". Since Focus on the Family has decided to proclaim THE Christian Worldview, I figure Christians everywhere might want to be aware of it (since Focus has decided to speak for all of us).

I get a fair amount of email based on these two articles. Some thank me for giving some food for thought when considering the series. Others denounce me as a tool of Beelzebub, and wish I would just do the world a favor and quit sucking air.

Ahh critics...

Here are the links for your reading pleasure:

Truth Project part 1

Truth Project part 2


Kay said...

Ah man! I'm jealous. Nobody denounces me as a tool of Beelzebub. I even had a conservative Christian blog on my blogroll for a while, and not one person followed the auto-linkage back to my site and denounced me. Not one.

Andrew said...

Heh! I just want to get reamed by Ken Silva or the Pyro boys. Then I will feel like I have arrived as a blogger. ;)

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