Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My latest Focus on the Family Mail

I found this sadly amusing. This was on the envelope of Focus on the Family's latest letter asking me to send them money:

"Liberals are determined to remake America. Here's how YOU can stop them!"

The letter inside was completely over the top. It would have been absolutely hilarious if I didn't know that this letter will cause many Christians to further harden their hearts against their neighbors and the community they live in.

Love is against the grain.

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didymus said...

You get religious right fundraiser propaganda in your mailbox? I feel sorry for you. But I think I can relate a bit… I get a lot of left wing fundraiser stuff in my mailbox. As a matter of fact I think I read somewhere today the phrase, “The Religious Right is determined to remake America. Here's how YOU can stop them!”, somewhere in the Americans United for the Separation of Church and State newsletter I received. I’m actually one of the officers for the local Utah chapter of AU, so I guess I should read it some, or at least skim it.

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