Friday, April 18, 2008

Prison letter from Reverend Billy

If you have not yet seen "What would Jesus buy?", your opportunity is coming up. It will be released on DVD May 20th. (View Trailer)

WWJB? is a documentary that follows the Reverend Billy and his choir from "The Church of Stop Shopping" as they take their Revival and protest against consumerism tour across America.

From their website: this docu-comedy follows our trials and triumphs across the country as we preach and sing to help holiday-abused Americans find a new Christmas without products.

The film has played throughout the US, bringing Fair Trade activists and Evangelical Christians together in darkened movie theaters, emerging with new tools to BUY LESS and GIVE MORE!

I am excited to see our churches getting on board with this message. We in the church are beginning to view ourselves less as clubs to join, and more as agents of change to redeem this world.

The movie is comedic and theatrical, and I love it. However, there is a serious and somber side of Bill Talen that you can see when you go beyond the movie. I just came across one of his blog entries which was initially written during one of his times in prison for protesting. Please head over here to give his entry a read.


societyvs said...

I am going to watch it when it comes out - because I enjoy the message a lot and I think Billy is onto something we in the West need a does of - reality.

Mike L. said...

Yes! I've been waiting to see it.

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