Wednesday, April 30, 2008

FLDS - Persecuted for their religion?

I have heard some people in the media state that the Texas raid on the FLDS ranch is an example of "religious" persecution. It is said that the government is uncomfortable with the FLDS and so it unconstitutionally raided a defenseless religious group.

I don't buy it.

I want to loudly proclaim a counter argument. It is not because of religious beliefs that the FLDS ranch was raided. It is because they have sex with young girls as part of their culture. PERIOD!!

The individuals who frame this story as "religious persecution" never discuss other separatist religious groups. What about the Amish? The Amish live in a time warp as well. They are separate from society. Yet no one would consider raiding the Amish! Why??

Because they don't sleep with little girls!!!

So please Bob Lonsberry, and all others using this defense, stop building this as a snowball argument. Forget your conspiracies! Quit saying, "Who is the government going to raid next?!"

The answer is NO ONE!

The FLDS were raided for their depraved ACTIONS... NOT their beliefs.


Anonymous said...

smells like carl rovian disinformation. Let’s parse the verbiage:

“they’re investigating the possible sexual abuse of some young boys taken from a polygamist sect’s ranch, as well as broken bones among other children.”

Key words: investigating/possible

the are not saying that such things exist, just that they are investigating the possibility.

well hell pardner, i’m investigating the possiblity that the local baptists were having sex orgies over at the first baptist church of el dorado. sounds bad, but it is all b.-.

if there was compelling proof i suspect it would be waived in front of the public to protect the reputation of that fine TEXAS CPS system.

instead we get ambiguity and future plausible deniability.

yup, sounds like rovian dog meat for the dumb masses.

Andrew said...

Interesting Anon, but doesn't address my argument. Let's be honest, there are not people leaving the local baptist community with tales of sex abuse. However, that is a frequent, and documented complaint against the FLDS. Again... no one is going after the Amish.

didymus said...

So this guy Bob Lonsberry used this defense on the radio?! On KNRS, family values talk radio?!

SocietyVs said...

I would say that this church needed to be checked into...and I am glad they raided Bountiful in Canada - what was happening there was 'sick' Sodom and Gommorah 'sick'.

The arguement is basically an intrusion into the freedom of religion (I am guessing)...but even freedom to practice one's faith has to be tempered with the lawful standards of the day...and as far as I know...rape of a minor (sex with someone under 16) is still a crime? This was also related by people from within these camps - so this ain't news that's 'made up'.

As for anon - I am not sure if he/she's watched much on this sect of Mormonism - which is known for it's polygamist stance (also illegal by law) - reason they are on longer part of the actual Mormon faith per se. So even if we there is no child abuse (which has need already testified first hand by people that have left mind you) - there is no doubt on the polygamy (pick a crime why don't ya). But busting polygamy is like busting marijuana and busting sexual abuse is like busting heroin - some things are a little more severe.

My guess is no one is talking in that sect - because they want to be faithful to their beliefs. But you watch, it will come out their is sexual abuse happening in those camps...earlier reports have pointed to this from dissenters - it's just a matter of time before this is all uncovered - now matter hiw much they want to hide it.

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