Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My View of Jesus

"It was a busy day in heaven as folks waited in line at the pearly gates. Peter stood as gatekeeper, checking each newcomer's name in the Lamb's Book of Life.

But there was some confusion because the numbers were not adding up. Heaven was a little overcrowded and a bunch of folks were unaccounted for. So some of the angels were sent to investigate. And it wasn't long before two of them returned.

'We found the problem,' they said, 'Jesus is out back lifting people up over the gate."

(Jesus for President, Claiborne, Shane and Haw, Chris, pg. 290)

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Redlefty said...

How about Jesus busting down the walls? :)

Good stuff.

Andrew said...

Ahhh... a BETTER close Red! Nice!

OneSmallStep said...

I like this. Is love really love if it has requirements before it can be expressed? As in, God will love us enough to "save" us from hell, but only if we do certain things first.

Andrew said...

Yeah, I love the way the ONE GREY BLOKE says in his accent... "So, it's kind of a conditional love, this love that Jesus has". He proclaims the conditionality, something most evangelicals deny while detailing Hell. That made less and less sense to me over the years. IF one wants to cling to Hell theology, that is a choice, but one could never then make the pronouncement that God has an unconditional love.

If Hell is as evangelicals typically describe, then God's love is the most extreme form of conditional love that the universe has ever known.

OneSmallStep said...


I love the gray bloke!

The other thing I never understood about the idea of hell is the concept that God doesn't send people to hell, you do. If you choose not to be with God, then you've selected hell by default, and God's really sad.

But if hell is wrapped around the concept of God's justice, then isn't it saying that God doesn't want to be just? Or God wants something that's against HIs own nature?

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