Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yep... That about sums it up!

I laughed and laughed and laughed.... It was like listening to Nigel Tufnel doing theology.


Redlefty said...

Oh man, I'm dying here! That was classic!

cipher said...


I've recently started checking out your blog. We know a few people in common - One Small Step, Yael, a few others.

I'm curious - do you find it funny because the premise is so absurd, or because the unbeliever who created it just "doesn't get it"? I assume it's the former. If so, I agree with you about its absurdity, but I can't laugh. I'm despondent over the fact that there are hundreds of millions of people worldwide for whom this line of reasoning makes perfect sense - and the rest of us are simply too sinful and ignorant to see it. Did you see the comments at YouTube from Christians (mostly young people, it would appear)? Perhaps the most disturbing are the ones who say something like, "Yes this is funny - but you're still all going to hell!"

Andrew said...

Cipher - It is the absurdity. Heh. I wasn't sure whether a believer or unbeliever had created it. Whoever it was, captured "typical" evangelical theology's inconsistency wonderfully.

Speaking as a former evangelical (though never too fundamental even though I was raised in such an environment) I can say that many simply don't see the contradiction, because it was how they were theologically raised. I think it is hard for those who have been brought up with a plethora of influences to picture having only one influence (does a fish know it is wet?) When someone comes out of fundamentalism (whatever stripe), they are usually so hurt and bitter that they are of little help to those still in the community (Think Montag in Fahrenheit 451) or they flip to the "other side" (whatever that is) and become just as judgmental, impatient, and "fundamental" as when they were in the first group.

I believe, at the moment, that the "narrow path" is when one tries to foster respectful dialogue (as best one can) with folks who are on the other side of the issue.

I understand your frustration. As I meet more people, from varied faiths, who have an over arching goal of love and restoration for the people of this planet - I sometimes find myself at odds with many of the folks of my own faith.

It is true that many times young people (whether in age, or in time spent in their faith) are more certain, and their beliefs are more bullet proof. I have been in the Christian faith now for about 25 years. When I started I knew it all! How insufferable I must have been.:) Back then I knew it all... now I am sure of about 3 things (maybe two) and the rest is open to ongoing modification.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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