Sunday, February 10, 2008

Everything Must Change tour

I am getting older. When I was young, my friends and I were always piling into cars to go see whatever band was in town. Now I do the same thing but with seminars. There aren't too many concerts I would go out of my way to see nowadays, but if Brueggemann ever comes within a state or two of Utah... give me a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, sunglasses - and I am there.

So I was ENORMOUSLY pleased to find out that Brian McLaren was bringing his Everything Must Change tour to nearby Boise, ID. My bros in the faith, Chad and Mark, were with me on this jaunt. Having a chance to spend a few days with these guys, wrestling theology over cloves and beer, was as cool as the event we went to.

I will get into the details over the months to come. At the end of the conference, Brian asked us to write down a word which sums up the weekend. Mine was distill. It takes me a while to sift through information like that so that I can discuss it in any meaningful way. So I am going to take this month to pour over the book again. I will say that, if this tour comes anywhere near your area, I guarantee that this event will challenge you. Brian's message, particularly to the church, is one that needs to be heard.


Kay said...

I sure hope the churches listen!

And dang, I would have asked you to get his autograph (McLaren's) for me if I'd have known you were going. ;-)

ShaneBertou said...

Several of us from around the blogsphere are reading "Everything Must Change" together and discussing our thoughts. We've just begun, but we've set it up in a way where it's never to late to participate.

If you have any interest, you can visit us at:

Mike said...

Bet that was fun! I do miss buddies, wish we were closer.

Andrew said...

Yeah Mike, if ya ever make it out the SLC way, we need to do some beer. Utah, in general, is down on drinking but we have some great local brews.

I am motivated, since this trip, to find opportunities to do stuff like that again soon. I have known Chad and Mark for about three years now, but there is something about doing a weekend gig like that that forms bonds much quicker/deeper.

didymus said...

I was considering going to that, but had other commitments come up. I’ll have to put your blog in my reader; I’m looking forward to hearing more about that event.

I’ve skim read your blog a bit, am I correct in thinking your in SLC and go to K2? Are you in the ministry there? I’m down in Eagle Mountain, in Utah County. I found your blog doing a search on “Emergent Village” and “Utah”, just out fishing to find anyone else who even knows about Emergent in Utah.

Cody Stauffer said...

I know this is an old post, but I just now came across it- I was at this very thing! Loved it immensely. Actually, this reminds me, Andrew, but I have an idea I really want to share with you as a teacher that maybe you could give me some advice on. The idea was born at this very conference, and I really want to get it going and not let it die. I will send you my initial, crude ideas, and see what you think and if you have some input as a teacher that will help. You will see when I explain why you being a teacher might be of some help in getting the idea going. Talk to you soon, man!

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