Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hotmail Down and I'm gettin the shakes

I have had Hotmail as my primary email address since back when HoTMaiL was an independent service (before it was assimilated by the Borg). They have been offline (for me) for more than 24 hours now. Actually, if it just pops up soon that will be fine. I just worry that MS might say "oops, sorry, we lost all you stuff".

I need Benny Hinn to go blow on a server in California!


Brook said...

no no no... when benny blows on things, they go down, not up. (I realize this sounds counter-intuitive to most in the non-charismatic world, but that's how it works in the charismatic carnival...)

you need to just get a Gmail address...

Marianne said...


I sent a reply to your email and it has gotten sent back twice. Did you receive ii?

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