Sunday, February 17, 2008

Church Basement Roadshow

Utah has its good points and bad. On the good side, there is a variety of outdoor beauty. Whether you want forests, lakes, canyons, mountains, deserts - we have it all.

On the bad side, the lack of pay AND disrespect that teachers get here is second to none. The state legislature is run by old white men who watched way too many episodes of Leave it to Beaver and are determined to write our laws to fit that mold.

However, the primary item that sticks in my craw is the way Christian authors, speakers, and bands use Utah as a potty stop, and nothing more, on their way to California.

So, though that tendency grates on my nerves, I am going to nevertheless give a plug to Jones, Pagitt, and Scandrette as they take their insight into the Gospel on the road this summer. These three gentleman have things to say that the church needs to hear.

Go to this link and check their tour schedule. I am sure they are coming to a city near YOU!

1 comment:

Brook said...

Now THAT'S a great slogan:
"Utah - California's potty stop!"

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