Sunday, January 15, 2012

Leaving The Faith

Chris, Brandon, me, and Tony as sons of Jacob
I want to share a post by my friend Brandon. When I met Brandon a few years ago in local theater, he was a full fledged Mormon. In fact, from what I can tell of the religion and its culture, he was a true credit to his Faith.

Since that time, he went through a period of questioning... and at the end of all of his questioning, he left the faith in which he had been raised.

With the usual excellence Brandon applies to everything he sets out to do, he wrote a detailed document about the questions, concerns, and process he experienced that ultimately led him to leave his faith.

Though Brandon chronicles his thoughts and exit from Mormonism, I believe his story is an important read that would apply to anyone dealing with faith issues. The themes and questions he addresses are universal; as I read I found myself repeatedly saying, "Yes!" "Exactly" "Did that!" "Me too!"  What he experienced, and his reasons for leaving, so often mirrored my own exit from Christianity.

What Brandon has done, which I and many others who have left our faith have not, is give a detailed account of the progression and reasoning. In addition... he is absolutely graceful about it. Something I have not always been good about.

Here is a quote from his document that I completely resonate with.  I think religious people would find it counter-intuitive, but it is a common thread amongst those who leave their faith:

"(Having left the church) I don’t judge people as much. I can look at somebody and be their friend without having to worry about their salvation, or somehow steering the conversation toward the church to help them find the “right” path. Consequently, my relationships are now more genuine, and I am filled with more love for people, regardless of their religion, sexual orientation, or race. It’s also easier to make new friends."

So go to his blog here and look for the PDF at the bottom of the article.

Nicely explained my friend; peace with your continued journey.

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Brandon Pearce said...

Hi Andrew, what a surprise seeing my face on your blog! Thanks for regarding my story highly enough to want to share it. I hope others will benefit from the soul searching I went through, and get a chance to re-evaluate their own beliefs and why they believe them; a very healthy endeavor, I think.

By the way, that picture brings back some great memories. :) Thanks for everything. It's been great to know you.

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