Monday, January 16, 2012

Better Than I

I am a fan of Dreamworks' Prince of Egypt and its direct to video follow-up King of Dreams.  The Prince of Egypt soundtrack was written by Stephen Schwartz and Hans Zimmer.  It is a stunning soundtrack and if ever an animated movie deserved to be moved to the live stage, this one is it.

King of Dreams, its less well known sibling, also has a wonderful soundtrack.  The music was written by Danny Pelfrey and John Bucchino.  Unfortunately, Dreamworks never made the soundtrack available. No CD of the music was ever published.

My favorite song from the movie is "Better Than I". It is one of the finest songs of faith I have ever heard.  John Bucchino included it on a compilation CD (Grateful), and though the artist from the movie does the vocals, it does not have the orchestrated music from the soundtrack.  I was glad to have the version provided on Grateful, but I have always desired to have a copy of the version from the movie.

A few weeks ago, by chance, I was googling some info on the King of Dreams when I came across the soundtrack.  Apparently, a few promotional copies were printed prior to the movie's release and a cd store in LA was selling their copy.  The information was scant, but I figured I would roll the dice... to have an orchestrated version of Better Than I, along with the other wonderful songs from that soundtrack written by Mr. Bucchino, was worth a chance.

It came in the mail today.  I rolled 7.  It was exactly what I was hoping for!


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Logan said...

The Prince of Egypt soundtrack is one of my all time favorites-I LOVE that music. Now I want to find King of Dreams...

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