Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quotes from Blogs I Have Read Recently #11

Let’s see…….three wars, a trillion dollar deficit, 4.00 a gallon gasoline, and a sharply divided country and what does Congress spend time doing? Working on a resolution honoring the publication of the King James Bible.
Fallen from Grace

Perhaps the hardest lesson I’ve had to learn as I’ve raised questions about Bible-Belt Christianity is that no amount of passion or persuasion can convince others to ask the same questions. In fact, forcing such questions upon other people almost always makes the situation worse. Like many of you, I’ve grieved as some of the most meaningful relationships of my past have grown superficial and flat as we avoid talking about matters of faith. I desperately wanted these friends to join me on my journey because the road ahead was so lonely and frightening and new. But they couldn’t, and it was unfair for me to try and drag them along.
Rachel Evans


I seriously doubt that few traditional Christians outside the seminary walls have thought much about why the "righteous suffer. Most simply accept what they have been told in Sunday School, or have heard from the pulpit. However, there are a few, myself included now, who have many questions about suffering and really wish to know what the Bible has to say. As you will see in the next post, it has much too say, and what it has to say often contradicts another Biblical writer elsewhere. Reflections

In much of Christian sub-culture the ways we claim to oppose the world around us may actually serve to inoculate us against facing the reality that often we are the worldly ones, the ones who are participating in the systems of sin and injustice. So that we focus getting Christ back in Christmas, while engaging in the worship of consumerism and exploitation of cheap labor that the season entails. We will sacrifice to the gods of the market, as long as there is a nativity in front of the mall. Sort of an adventure in missing the point. New Ways Forward


societyvs said...

"We will sacrifice to the gods of the market, as long as there is a nativity in front of the mall. Sort of an adventure in missing the point" (New Ways Forward)

So true, I actually think about the ties between Christian religion and support of the 'free market' and am quite appalled.

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