Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Little Slim This Time

The city library is doing their twice a year book sale this weekend. My last run netted me about three times as many as I got this time. The religion section had only a fraction of what was available last fall. In addition, a friend of mine snagged the only two Marcus Borg books mere hours before.

Also, I brought my son along with me this time. He is a trooper and has an appreciation for books as well, but he wasn't going to put in my usual 3 hours with me. Therefore my perusal rate was a little more swift than normal.

Still, I did find a few books that I was excited to finally add to the collection; along with some that just caught my eye. My stack and Jake's stack, just 9 dollars. LOVE the library sale!

  • Telling The Truth - Buechner
  • One Dharma - Goldstein
  • The Gnostic Gospels -Pagels
  • Killing the Buddha - Manseau
  • New Rules - Maher
  • A History of God - Armstrong
  • Things I Overheard While Talking To Myself - Alda
  • God Is Not Great - Hitchens
  • The Heart of Christianity - Borg *(this was one of the two Borg books snagged by my friend, but he passed it my way once he discovered he already had it.)


Don said...

Gnostic Gospels........good stuff!

Logan said...

I was just reading part of 'A History of God' at the library today...

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