Monday, April 25, 2011


Nakedpastor is a blog I read regularly. It is written by David Hayward, a pastor who served as such for 25 years... until; until he started asking questions. I think it is rare that a pastor can ask honest questions - willing to let the answers lead where they may - and be able to stay behind the pulpit.

People want answers.

I don't want to botch his history, so I encourage you to give his site a read. David has some great insights.

In addition to his blogging talents, he is a wonderful artist and cartoonist. I don't think there is anyone else out there who is addressing the topics he does with such a piercing wit. I was originally drawn to his blog through his cartoons.

Just recently, he has collected his cartoons in a volume entitled NakedPASTOR 101. I just got mine in the mail and it is excellent. It is a steal at Amazon for only 9 bucks. A great book to make you laugh and think... and offend your church-going in-laws. :)

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nakedpastor said...

wow. thanks for the great testimonial.

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