Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Looking Ahead

Sometimes it looks like President Obama might be in for the fight of his life come next election season. At other times, it looks like he will breeze in.

It all depends on who the Republicans run.

If they run a social liberal but fiscal conservative, it could get interesting.

However, when I see republican politicians playing to tea-party folk; when I hear right-wingers singing the praises of Glen Beck and Sarah Palin; I realize that is not going to happen.

The last few elections came down to which way those rascally independents swing. Hard core left and right are not budging..... but where will those middle of the roaders go?

Independents: The attitude of the Pastor in this video may seem scary to you. I hope it does. However, thanks to the god-talk of Beck/Palin.... this is becoming not only acceptable in right wing politics... but preferred. This stuff is getting Yippee-ki-yays and guns shootin in the air.

William F. Buckley would have experienced nausea over a talk like this. But in much of today's right wing, this is a crowd stirrer.

This is what we can look forward to.....


NW Ohio Skeptic said...

Here in Ohio the Independents that voted for Obama in 2008 are fleeing and returning to the Republican party. I saw the numbers on Sunday and it is a HUGE turn around.

It does not bode well for progressives and liberals in this state. It could be a Republican rout of the Democrats in Ohio in 2010.

Independents and young voters embraced the "change you can believe in" message. While some change has come..........the President has really hurt the Democratic cause by not closing Guantanamo and by continuing or expanding may of the Bush policies. His unwillingness to fight for the things that matter is the most troubling thing of all. Of course the Democratic controlled Congress bears most of the blame for this.

I am not sure what to do this year, vote wise. I will not vote Republican but I am very disappointed with the Democrats. I am tempted to sit out this election BUT I don't want my sitting out to help put a Republican in office. I don't know.....


Steve H. said...

Wansn't that Jimmy Swaggart's son with Jimmy chimming "Amen" in the background? I don't know what's scarier...the speech or the people standing and clapping

Andrew said...

I am still pretty undecided about Obama a this point. I can't stand his educational policy... and I have been distressed about his continued commitment to keep these wars going...but I am in no rush to judgement... he still has two years.

Steve - yep... that is Donnie Swaggart. I didn't mention it cause I figure most people wouldn't know that... but it did give me an extra laugh.

I really think Beck is adding a dynamic to the conspiracy/paranoia that Limbaugh never did - religious zealotry. It would be pure entertainment except for the fact that there seems to be no limit to this rhetoric - at this pace, how long before a couple nuts get stirred up enough to load up some weapons??

Don said...

I got physically nauseated listening to this (really!). six years ago I would have laughed at him and his Daddy, Jimmy. But, now, it is no laughing matter!

The Metzes said...

Andrew, Glenn Beck's influence over the evangelical community grows daily and cannot be ignored. As a pastor, I am routinely disappointed by the enamoring he has over friends and colleagues. You liken his rhetoric to religious zealotism which I think is an appropriate comparison. It's frightening to see such large number of passionate Christians misplacing their faith and passion in a television personality. Fortunately, that message is not proclaimed from our pulpit and I keep wanting to believe it is a fringe evangelical radical group . . . unfortunately, it seems almost daily I am exposed to just how prevalent such a perspective is becoming.

Bob said...

The Republicans will, in my opinion, need to run a more centrist candidate. Palin and her ilk are too polarizing.

Not surprised Ohio Independents and others are fleeing. I believe they are understanding that the "change (they) can believe in didn't happen, is not going to happen and the government is just going to get bigger and into more debt under this President." I like him, respect him and I pray for him, but I just can't go along with him on much.

Michael said...

It amazes me, not that people preach this, but how many actually take it seriously. As for Obama, like you said, he has 2 more years, I hope he does some more to keep his campaign promises.

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