Friday, July 30, 2010

A Peek at Eternity

I stopped in at a new burger joint called Buster Burger for lunch today. The restaurant is also a TCBY, which takes up a side third of the store. However, from the outside, there appears to be two different stores each with its own entrance. A large fireplace stands between the two doors.

As I sat there eating my lunch, I spotted a young couple with two children approaching the entrances. I couldn't hear their dialog, but they seemed to be in disagreement as to which door to take. Tension appeared to build as they each headed to opposite doors with a child in tow. He seemed to say something a little sharp to her and she flipped her hair and rolled her eyes.

They both stepped into the restaurant and froze.... eyes wide, they surveyed the room as it opened out into a much wider space than either of them had anticipated. Simultaneously they turned and saw each other... standing in the same room.

They both turned a little red, laughed, and closed the distance between them. They kissed and walked together from that point on.


Welcome to Eternity!


Redlefty said...

Love it!

And you know it's not heaven without burgers and ice cream!

LittleBird said...

that's really rather brilliant.



Logan said...


Don said...

I like it!! Metaphorically speaking....

Jon said...

What a great story!

WES ELLIS said...

Beautiful illustration!!!

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