Monday, July 26, 2010

Creating Our Image of God

Commander Willard Decker: "Of course!  ... we all create God in our own image."

I remember when I was younger, I thought this quote was rather blasphemous. God created us in His image after all. However, as I have gotten older, I have discovered Decker's quote to be very true.

If you don't recognize the quote, it is from Star Trek the Motion Picture. In the movie, a giant living machine named V'ger has come to Earth to find it's Creator. After a series of events, the crew of the Enterprise realizes that V'ger assumes that it's Creator is a machine; at which point Commander Decker utters the above quote.

As I said, rather than blasphemous, I now see the quote as merely describing true practice. Conservatives tend to picture God as an organized CEO, encouraging Free Markets, saying the pledge, and blessing the troops. Liberals tend to see God as a community organizer, fighting against an oppressive system, and resisting discrimination.

Break out of those two stereotypes and you begin to see God being displayed in every flavor, color, attitude, and variety.

Of course..... everyone thinks their take is the right one. Theirs is the one faithful to scripture, or creed, or tradition, or revelation.


We all make God in our own image.

I often get the accusation levied at me in Christian circles (after they have heard some of my theology), "So, you are just making up your own god then?"

There are over 30,000 different versions of Christianity alone....

The truth is, we all create our image of God. I am not so much concerned that I am doing it, but rather the question I ask:

Is my image of God becoming an image worthy of God?


Redlefty said...

Love the final line of this post!

That's the true goal, I'd say.

Logan said...

I second Michael's comments!

Anonymous said...

These days my God is on life support. :)

What you say in this post is quite correct. Many refuse to see it....but it is true nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

You sure do make a lot of assumptions about how people other than yourself view God.

And even for you, it's quite a stretch to compare Mr. Obama to God; talk about blasphemy.

Andrew said...

Assumptions? I said God is viewed every which way by people... I guess technically that is a lot... not sure it is an assumption though.

Andrew said...

BTW... that's Mr. PRESIDENT Obama to you (and when the heck did he come into the post?)

Anonymous said...


It is self-evident that the Christian God of the Bible is God and that anonymous's version of said God is the TRUE God.

In counseling today I talked with my counselor about polytheism. Take a person who had no knowledge of any religions at all. If this person read "let us make man in our image" in the Bible what conclusion would he come to? Father, Son, Holy Ghost and these three agree as one? LOL :)

No, he would likely conclude that there is more than one God.

The great thing about the Bible, God, Jesus, etc is that everyone can have their own version. It is the ultimate American dream.

And it shouldn't matter. BUT some people feel the need to make their God my God, and their God's rules my rules. And that's why we have blogs.

Anonymous said...

Obama has delivered more lately for me than God I am ok with Obama being God. :)

Obama and Jesus had questions raised over their birth and both are accused of having a radical agenda. Maybe they are related? :)

Andrew said...

Too true Bruce,...

I think it is in the nature of folks like anon to miss the big idea in this post and somehow filter it down to a personal offence against their political and religious beliefs. Everyone is out to get them. :)

Don said...

Great! You just keep turning out wonderful posts. The last four paragraphs are jewels!

Andrew said...

Thanks Don!

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