Wednesday, August 25, 2010

An Author to Read to your Kids

I try to read to my kids every night, but as they get older it is getting harder for us to be consistent.  Still, I have read about a half dozen books to them this year.

Three of them were by author Margaret Davidson.  I have read a biography by her called "Helen Keller's Teacher" to my class each year for about 15 years.  It is a well told tale of the amazing life of Annie Sullivan.  This year I decided to read it a second time - to my own children.

My children loved the book, and my son Jacob asked a question that had not occurred to me all these years.

"Has this author written any other biographies?"

We checked online and discovered that she has written quite a few.  Many were out of print, but most are still available in our local library system.  So we grabbed Helen Keller and Louis Braille to start.

We found these to have the same traits that captured us in her first book.  Ms. Davidson is a wonderful story teller who attaches you emotionally to the people she writes about.  Aside from hearing a good tale, my children are getting great history lessons.

If you have children and you read to them, or would like to start to (it is never too late), I give Margaret Davidson's biographies my happy endorsement.  You will not be disappointed.

I have placed what books of hers I could find on my classroom Amazon wishlist.  If you like to make charitable contributions at times, perhaps you might consider donating a book to my classroom.  When you select an item from my wishlist, the books automatically get shipped to my classroom.  I have had a number of donations in the past year and, in an era of shrinking school budgets, each donation is greatly appreciated.

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Bob said...

Thanks for a great tip. Might be a little late for me to read to my children (at 24, 21 and 17) but my daughter is going to be a teacher and I'll tell her about this.

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