Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Indoctrinate Your Children For Jesus

This video made me nauseous.  The people who made this, and those who like it, would probably call this approach "mind control of children" if it were used for any other religion or political thought they disagreed with.  Can you imagine what Focus on the Family would do with an atheist version of this video?  But when Christians do it, it is fine.  It is inconsistencies like this that cause Christianity to lose its credibility.

Not only is this wrong on an ethical and child rearing side, it is also (imho) just bad BAD theology.

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Steve said...

Yup, I'd seen this same thing over and over as a kid. I gotta give the guy points for the Australian accent though. Plus, the balloons were cool.

Andrew said...

Australian accents go with sinners prayers like British do with comedy. :)

Eruesso said...

I'm guessing you've already seen "Jesus Camp" but in case you haven't you might need to have a bucket handy while you watch it here.

Eruesso said...

Or streaming on Netflix since that link is no good.

Andrew said...

Actually I haven't yet...To this point, I haven't been able to work up the nerve. It is on my list though. :)

Don said...

In my many, many years in the institution, this prayer and versions of it, were a staple for kids and adults. Now, the theology is......well, I can't describe how I feel about it. Better leave it as is.

atimetorend said...

That is horrifying to me. I am no longer a Christian, but I think (hope!) it would have been to me at the time as well. I watched Jesus camp with an evangelical friend, expecting them to find it as scary as I did. I was very surprised when they didn't understand why I would have a problem with it. Sure, the leader was a bit harsh, but... ;^(

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