Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Radio Interview With Author David Dark

My good friend Brook did a 2 hour (yes, 2 hour) interview with David Dark, author of The Sacredness of Questioning Everything, on local Detroit radio.  As far as I know, it is not streamable anywhere.  I have hosted a download of it through my skydrive account, but I had to compress it down a bit to get it under the 50mg file max... so the audio is so-so.  If anyone knows of a better way to do this, I am all ears.  The original file was 200 mg and some change.

David is one of my favorite authors in theology right now.  This interview is a great peek into his head and heart - and Brook does an excellent job of using every question and comment to its best interviewing potential.  I was surprised at how quickly the two hours passed.  If you want to listen in on a great conversation, download this mp3 file.


Eruesso said...

Thanks for download. This book has been on my booklist for months.

LittleBird said...


thought it worth noting that the file is currently an .mp3" file. it might be worth re-uploading.

in the meantime, users need to resave the file as .mp3 by deleting the " in order to be able to play it --

can't speak to PCs but for Mac users who've downloaded it and are trying to play it, you can do this easily by:

1. selecting the downloaded file in Finder
2. opening "get info" from the File drop down menu and
3. changing the filename (delete the " marks) and while you're at it
4. select iTunes as the preferred application to run the file

hope that's of help.

am enjoying the interview. found you via david's twitter. been browsing your blog. you've got some great stuff going on.


Andrew said...

Welcome LB, and thank you for your kind words.

I checked the file and from my end I wasn't seeing the punctuation mark (did you get that Eruesso?) It is being hosted at a Microsoft site, so maybe they are just being cranky with Mac users? :)

I did notice that when I tried to snag it on my phone, they did want me to log in to Windows Live... I hope no one else is getting that. I will try to find a better location for the file.

LittleBird said...

hey Andrew

fwiw, it didn't want me to log into windows live. although that may be a mobile specific issue.
and the "s didn't appear around the file name until clicking on it to download.
and yes, you could be right - it might be an anti Mac conspiracy. :)

you could try mediafire as an alt method. i've never uploaded to it but i know folks who have and it's v easy for downloading.

soundcloud would be another option.


Eruesso said...

I had to rename it and it works just fine.

Andrew said...

I deleted the file and uploaded again... hopefully that fixed it. I will check out some of the hosting services you mentioned.

stephy said...

The file works great for me...I'm sharing it all over Facebook...thank you, I love it.

Andrew said...

Your welcome and thanks for the link Stephy!

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