Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Craig Evans and Bart Ehrman

I don't think this is really a debate.  For one thing, Evans never really addresses Bart's questions.  The two men just state their case as to what scripture really is.  To me, Evans sounds like he is trying to have it both ways.


Anonymous said...

My thought too.

Evans used every word possible but errant to describe his position.

Ehrman knows that no reputable scholar can say "The Bible is without error", whether in the mythical originals, the extant manuscripts, or the subsequent translations.

Ehrman also knows once Evangelicalism abandons inerrancy the house will come tumbling down.


Andrew said...

It is interesting the fear that resides within evangelical circles about letting the general pew goer in on the secret that most behind the pulpit know.

Waaayyyy before my political and religious liberalism set in, I was realizing that the bible was not the magic book I was told... and like with Ehrman, it came from studying in. In my first year of Christianity I committed the books of Romans and James to memory for a bible quiz program (I was about 15), and it was apparent that the authors were coming from different perspectives. Over the years I memorized many of Paul's epistles and it was clear he had his better and worse moments... these were definitely the words of a man commentating on spiritual things.

However, I had zero outlet to voice these thoughts... I could not believe the stress level that could be brought up in a room of Christians by just drifting toward the thought that scripture might not be a magic book. So I kept the thought to myself.

I think Christianity has literally shot itself in the foot over this issue. By insisting on inerrancy, they just encourage scores of folks to jettison the faith altogether once they see behind the curtain of this issue.

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