Thursday, July 30, 2009

Save Your Kids From Hell!!

Really! Just go over the 4 spiritual laws, have them repeat a prayer after you and WHEW!! They are safe! No more having to worry about roasting over a spit for them! ;)

Ummm.... No.... this is bad practice. VERY bad practice!

I would detail why, (and I did touch on this with my article on child baptism) but my friend Bruce has already written the definitive blog piece on this issue and it should be required reading for every person of faith. Read here:

Don't You Want To Go To Heaven When You Die?

I do want to add my personal experience on this issue. I remember as a 5th grader running around at recess telling kids about the tortures of Hell (in Rated R detail) and that Christians were going to be executed by having their heads chopped off (I saw those Thief in the Night movies as a small child). To top it off, as I was telling kids they needed to be Christian or burn in Hell, I was by far the worst behaved kid in the school. Picture Bart Simpson armed with Hell theology. Oy....


WES ELLIS said...

"Picture Bart Simpson armed with Hell theology" OY indeed!

Great stuff! I will be reading Bruce's article.

Don Hendricks said...

Our church supports CEF and I am in agreement with you on this, but wow is that an explosive issue. In1999 the church plant I served used a professionally lighted sports night to build a youth group, in the third year a pretrib rapturist highjacked the group to teach them about the things that were about to happen in 2000. I opposed him, and it split the youth, the church and me from my ministry.

Andrew said...

That is incredible Don. Sorry of course that you had to go through that, but I do get the impression from your blog that you settled into a better spot. :)

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