Thursday, July 23, 2009

He's going to be a very popular Freshman

The title of this post was a comment made by a friend when she saw this pic on Facebook. Too funny!

This picture was taken at Greenfield Village while on our vacation to Michigan. We bought the hat he was wearing at the gift shop. He was fixated on getting that particular hat even though it bordered on being too small and he had a lot of other style options. While I was paying for it, he ran with it outside. Through the window I saw him step forward, while tipping the hat on and off his head. Then he spun, put his arms out and tipped, and finished it with a box step.

Now I understood why he wanted the hat. He thought it looked like a fedora and he was doing one of the dance moves we did in Joseph. He was imitating his old man. Brownie points awarded!

With Kathryn gone this week, my wife and I have been trying to do some special things with Jake. Last night I had a meeting, so my wife decided to take him to a local rodeo. I had my reservations about what Jake would think about that, but figured I would let him make that call. It turns out I was right. Halfway through my meeting Mary Lee texted me:

..... Jake thinks this is barbaric ...

That is such a Jake description!

Mary Lee told me that Jake was angry and that he could not understand why the cowboys were being so mean to the animals. He had enough and decided he wanted to leave. In frustration, he took one last look at the arena and declared, "Why can't they just leave the circle of life alone!?"

That's my boy!!


Steve H. said...

Wait till he sees some nature videos of how the "circle of life" treats each other...the cowboys won't seem so bad then...

R-Liz said...

That's awesome. Many reasons to be proud of your boy.

Krista said...

do you think your friend made that comment because of the hat? that looks like a kid chugging a beer! lol. the hat is cute, though.

Andrew said...

Oh no, I am sure it was the look of beer chugging that she was commenting on :) Tis a root beer!

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