Monday, September 01, 2008

There's a New Blog in Town

My older brother has decided to start committing his thoughts to the world of zeros and ones. His resume' is very eclectic - educated at a South African university while pastoring a church with his wife in Hong Kong, missionary in the Philippines, and he ran for US congress. He and his family recently moved to northeast China to work at an international school.

You can always count on his views to be well thought out, while maintaining a willingness to consider things from a new angle. Stop by and leave a comment at

** Correction: Steve wrote me today and he was laughing because he has never even been to the Philippines. Turns out it was Malaysia back when he was with YWAM. Heh! :) It is easy to get mixed up because it seems like everyone I knew at that time in my life was doing missions work somewhere.

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