Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Better Republican Convention

In a better universe, the Republican convention would have went this way...

HT: MetaCatholic

Seriously though, I have watched dozens of these kinds of videos over the past few months, and it always amazes me the time someone must have put in to sift though all of the necessary parts to make a video like this (these people obviously do not have kids). Youtube has spawned a new kind of video comedy.


Sherry said...

Hey Andrew,

You are right, how time consuming it must have been to produce this but it was really fun to watch.

Thanks for sharing it.

ps: notice that now I actually use my real name, I must be getting brave. (smile)

Brook said...

rickrolled at my best friend's blog...for shame!

didymus said...


Andy said...

Andrew, isn't this mocking? Wow really you continue to betray yourself.

Andy said...

"So.... I am a Christian of 25 years and I support Obama. However, you will not find me mocking McCain on these pages. I am embarrassed by the Christian bloggers who use their blogs to mock Obama. You can do better."-- Andrew Hackman

Uh you are mocking now :)

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