Friday, September 26, 2008

K2 Times Two!

This Sunday will be the fourth anniversary of K2 the Church here in Salt Lake City. We will be opening "the White Building" which will be a second sanctuary on the site, allowing us to do two services simultaneously. Hopefully soon, the staff and volunteers in the white building will be moving to the southern end of the Salt Lake Valley to start the first of many K2 campuses and church plants.

The picture to the right was taken on my phone. I was 20 plus feet up on a scissor lift helping to install lights in the white building. I don't usually think of myself as being afraid of heights, but I was having to control my sense of the willies. Jason assured me that the lift was completely safe, which he proved by shaking it! ;)

I missed the debate tonight due to a South Campus meeting. I am highly looking forward to it. I caught a short moment of it, and both candidates seemed to be conducting themselves well. I hope the entire debate followed the tone of that brief portion I saw.

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